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How To Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Naturally Fast

How to get rid of tonsil stones naturally fast

Tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths can be an embarrassing problem and affect your social life. People suffering from tonsil stone produce bad breath due to release of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan and other harmful chemicals that produce smell similar to rotten eggs. Tonsil stone makes you experience severe discomfort and continuous irritation in the mouth or trouble when swallowing food. There is great news though for people suffering from it. There exist some simple remedies that can assist you eliminate the problem. Below are some ways on how to get rid of tonsils naturally;

Check your diet
Eating balanced meals will help you gain vitamins and nutrients required by your body to treat this condition. You can also try a diet containing probiotocs since they help in tonsil stones reduction. Probiotics contains good bacteria that fight bad bacteria. It will also help prevent future outbreaks of tonsil stones. Reduce dairy products intake since they are the main cause of tonsilloliths. Dairy products increase mucous and calcium which cause tonsil stones.
Changing your diet can help to reduce tonsil stones. The best technique is changing to a vegetarian diet or a raw food diet that contains live and active enzymes. This may not necessarily an overnight process, but you can gradually change meals and number of days that you eat starchy foods or red meat. You will observe a decrease in phlegm and general health.

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Lemons and Aloe Vera Juice
Lemon has many benefits. It also has lots of vitamin C that helps to cure tonsil stones. You need to take 2-3tablespoon lemon juice and mix with a cup of warm water. Add a pinch of iodized salt in the mixture. Sip the solution and gargle for about 2 minutes keeping the solution inside your mouth. Use Aloe Vera gel to clean your tongue to help get rid of tonsil stones naturally.

Fizzy Drinks and salt
Gargle Fizzy drinks, such as club soda or sparkling water 3 times per day, or take plenty of fluids. Add 2 tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water and gargle. Salt-water gargle helps to prevent inflammation and kill bacteria. The carbonated drinks can slowly eliminate tonsil stones.

Virgin Oil and Garlic Gargling
Garlic is an amazing treatment for tonsil stones. It contains anti-bacterial and antibiotic compounds. To treat tonsil stones ensure that you chew raw garlic cloves and gargle with virgin oil. Virgin oil has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to get rid of tonsil stones drastically. Ensure that you gargle 3 times each day to get best results.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is broadly used to treat many diseases naturally. Fill a cup with warm water and then mix with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Gargle with the mixture 3 times per day.

Brush daily
Proper regular brushing can treat your tonsil stones. Use a gentle bristled brush and oxygenating toothpaste each day. Oxygenating toothpastes assists in reducing anaerobic sulfur-producing that result to formation of bacteria on teeth nooks. Ensure that you use oxygenating toothpaste daily to eliminate bad breath. After you brush your teeth, gargle using salt water or alcohol-free mouth washes. Flossing and applying a tongue scraper to eliminate bacteria on your tongue can help in reduction of tonsil stones.

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Gargle after every meal
After eating, food particles can remain in the nooks and crannies inside the mouth. Remember to gargle after every meal using safe oxygenating mouthwash.

Remove Stones regular
Removing tonsil stones daily using cotton swan can be really helpful. This is a mild way to eliminate stones if you know the position of the tonsil stones. You just need to dampen the end of the cotton swab using clan water and try removing the stones gently. Use your fingers to apply pressure to the lower edge of the stone and keep pressuring. After it becomes loose, remove the stone gently then gargle with a safe mouthwash. You also can use oral-irrigators to remove tonsilloliths. They clean up teeth as well as gums. The powerful jets they produce can eliminate even the most stubborn tonsil stones. Gently massage the area surrounding the tonsilloliths. If you feel like you have relaxed it or split it, take brine and gargle to spit out the rest.

In some cases the tonsilloliths are too petite to be noticed, but coughing or even laughing hard can assist. This may squeeze and clear your throat mildly while removing the stones.

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